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Note To Upcoming English 1060 Students

To all the upcoming English 1060 students I only have one thing to say, do not procrastinate. The worst thing you can do is put everything off till the last minute. No matter how easy the project seems don’t wait till the last day and try to do it all. Your grades will definitely be affected if you do this. The best thing you can do is right when you hear about the project go ahead and begin on it, especially on the research projects. If you procrastinate on the research projects it makes things so much more complicated than they really are. Also if you begin early on these types of projects your information and resources have the chance to become so much better than they already are.


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Second part To Reflective Overview

 There are definitely a lot of different ways for me to improve my grammar skills in the future. One of those ways would be to continue blogging because that involves a lot of writing and the more I write the better writer I will become. One way for me to become a better reader will be to read a lot more. Outside of the classroom and homework I didn’t ever really read that much, but I have learned that it can be fun. It will also help me to learn more about whatever I’m reading. For my research skills to improve I think I am going to have to start researching stuff earlier and quit putting it off till the last minute. I could also start using different sources rather than just the internet. I think that will definitely help to improve my researching.

First Part To Reflective Overview

This past semester I have grown so much as a reader an a writer. Reading has never really been that important to me but with all the stuff that we have had to read over the past couple months I’ve learned that it can actually be interesting. Some of the stuff that we read really caught my attention and made me want to learn more. For example, when we looked at the STD information it made me want to learn more on that subject and that’s why I choose to do most of my work on STD’s. I think I have also become a pretty good writer after all the writing we had to do for English. When I can find a topic that makes me interested I have learned to write pretty good about it.

Video to Ideal Audience

I’m not sure how to link the video to this blog, but here is the URL:

I think the Author of this video choose to aim the video at teenagers because they account for the majority of the population that are living with or have had a STD. Also I think he choose them because he wanted people to learn about this earlier in their life so they can protect themselves. The younger you become informed about STD’s the better off you will be. I can tell that the author choose to aim this at teenagers because of the pictures that they used in their video. All of the pictures were of teenagers that were still in high school. They approached the audience by showing 4 different pictures of different high schoolers that all looked very happy. It then says that 1 of the 4 has a STD and you really cannot tell who it would be without them telling us. At the very end it says live above the influence and I think that was a great way to end the video.

Spreading Diseases

“Spreading STDs.” – In The Know Zone. Web. 28 Mar. 2012.

There are so many different ways of spreading sexually transmitted diseases that it is scary. Sexually transmitted diseases can be contracted by anyone regardless of their race, religion, age, gender, or culture. Although anyone can contract STDs the groups most affected by them are persons under 25 years’ old and young adults. The reason this is, is because people are beginning sexual activities at younger ages. This is also due to the increase in the number of sexual partners in one’s life time. The majority of sexually transmitted diseases are spread through the exchange of blood and bodily fluids like pre-ejaculation, semen, and vaginal secretions. Not only can u possibly contract a STD from just sex, but also though using drugs and steroids. This is due to the sharing of needles with other people. One you use a needle you should dispose of it. You can also get a sexually transmitted disease piercings and tattooing’s though the use of contaminated tools. It is always important to make sure you watch the person open up the needle out of the package before you let them stick it in you. Remember you can never be too safe.

STD Awareness

“STD Awareness – Reaching Young People.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 28 Mar. 2012. Web. 28 Mar. 2012.

It is important for everyone to know all the facts about sexually transmitted diseases and the risks that are involved and that is why April is STD awareness month. This is an annual event that is used to make every aware of the impact of sexually transmitted diseases and to encourage testing all across the country. Young people between the ages of 15 and 24 are responsible for almost half of all sexually transmitted disease cases. Since this is the case, health care providers make it a huge point to educate young adults about the risks of sex and how to prevent STDs. It is important to talk with these people because they may be afraid to start a conversation about STDs, when they are the ones that need to learn this info the most. It is better to have the uncomfortable talk about sexually transmitted diseases so that you can be aware then to have to go through life with a disease that may not be curable.